House of Heroes – The Acoustic End EP

61i-ubfaotl_sl500_aa280_Artist: House of Heroes
Album: The Acoustic End
Genre: Acoustic/Rock
Label:  Gotee

Acoustic releases are always something to perk your ears up for, especially when it’s not the most natural state of the band releasing said album. House of Heroes, a Christian rock outfit on Gotee Records released their new album The End is Not The End back in March of this year, but it’s the more recent The Acoustic End EP that’s got our ears abuzz. 

With a solely online release, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find this simplistic gem. Think any pop rock based band you enjoy, but acoustic with just a hint of country twang. “New Moon,” the kickoff number, has a soli 90’s alt pop feel to it. The lyrics have such a perfect vocal effect addition that it makes it seem timeless even on the very first listen. Also, the addition of  “wooos” and such give it a true Iron and Wine in the midst of Summer feel that’s hard to deny. The second track, “Ghost,” to me, is the real bread and butter of the record. Starting off with the most country like feel of the EP, you feel as if John Cougar Mellencamp decided to write lyrics for HoH as we’re given the tale of young love to simplistic instrumentation. Then, as the tale progresses, we’re given more than a simple love story, but rather the story of a man and the life he’s been able to lead. It’s simply gorgeous and moving with each and every beat. Finally, we meet the Violent Femmes like, “If.” This is simply an acoustic rendition, but it just feels like the Femmes ran into Panic at the Disco and decided to have an acoustic dance off. It’s yet another solid track that will have you coming back for weeks.

In the end, its EPs like this that can really make a band. I, and many I know, don’t have too much time fo rexploring acts we’re unfamiliar with who have full lengths, but these b-side/sampler EPs can sink deeper hooks into a listener than a full album ever could. Each track feels fresh and new without any sense of having heard it all over the place outside of the band. It’s three tracks, what do you have to lose? CHECK IT OUT!

Score: 8/10

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