C-Murder gets 10 years


Another rapper back to the clink today, which for C-Murder isn’t really saying much because he already was in jail.

Today the No Limit brother of Master P was handed a 10 year sentence that could only mean one thing…the next C-Murder album will be released when he is 48 years of age (seeing as he is 38 years old right now). All of this will come true if he doesn’t release another album from behind bars like him and Shyne have just recently done in the past four years. Peep the latest:

Rapper C-Murder has pleaded no contest to attempted murder charges.Miller’s trial began today and the 38-year-old rapper was accused of trying to shoot the owner of Club Raggs, a venue in Baton Rouge, and a bouncer at Plank Road nightclub in August 2001.

The rapper, whose real name is Corey Miller, plead out to two counts of attempted second-degree murder will be sentenced to 10 years in prison in a deal with the state at the recommendation of the prosecutor.

Miller will also receive credit for time served in jail since August 2001.

A no-contest plea is nearly the same as a guilty plea in criminal court, but does not mean an individual has admitted to guilt in a civil court case.

courtesy of AllHipHop.com

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