Show Report and Conversation – Nightmare of You [Opening for Alk Trio and Saves The Day]


I recently had the opportunity to speak with Nightmare of You while the were on a short run with Alkaline Trio and Saves The Day. Being excited for their new album [out August 4th], I couldn’t miss out on the chance to inquire about what’s been going on in the NoY world since their self titled came out. The guys said they’d just returned from a Headlining run of the UK that, in addition to this, really marked the end of one album cycle and the start of the next. Though a bit worn, you could tell they were excited about the start of something fresh.

When I tried to dig more into the new material, the group seemed to be a bit standoffish. There was mention of wanting to leave it in the air to build excitement. Which made sense because really, why not leave em on the edge of their seat? “Em” referring to, well, you that are currently reading this.

The group did say they will be going out on a headlining run starting at the end of July. The support will be from Plushgun and Brian Bonz [from Kevin Devine’s Goddamn Band].

I asked the group if they had anything else to comment on and they simply said that there amy have been some changes in the group, but they’re stronger than ever. Oh, and the new Doves record is a current fav. of theirs.

As for the show itself:

the first Band Drive A, was a new one to me. There sound brought comparisons to Sparta, but that’s one thing I definitely didn’t mind. For the small crowd that was currently occupying the venue when they played, they gave it there all and got people into their set which of course was sealed with the vocalist diving over the barrier to scream amongst their new found fans.

Nightmare of You put on a solid display. Obviously, the fans could sing along with nearly every word [they haven’t released much new material as of late]. You could tell some had been Movielife fans and this was the closest they could get to truly capturing that experience now [though it will never be the same].

Saves the Day were there classic fan oriented selves. They played a lot of old material that the crowd devoured and thanked the band for with endless moshing, crowd surfing, etc. Chris made it a point to talk a lot with the crowd during the set which really made the giant venue feel very intimate.

Alkaline Trio came out following a prolonged intro. The lights dancd off Agony and Irony backdrops while Skiba and crew did what they do best – steal the show. The set consisted of both classics and newer material, but the fans accepted it all with eager eyes and sore throats.

Written By: Erin Campbell

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