There For Tomorrow – A Little Faster

hr709-300x300Artist: There For Tomorrow
Album: A Little Faster
Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Hopeless

I feel like since we first run our First Impressions piece on this record, I haven’t gone 48 hours without finding it crossing my Ipod or Itunes as I went about life. In addition, we had that article, the group made our “Best of 09 Thus Far” list, and now, just in time for the release, we have our review of what is sure to be one of the most memorable releases of 2009.

As I’ve mentioned before, the first thing you notice upon pressing play on A Little Faster is the maturity of the group from their debut EP. Not only in the music [which is also helped by a much healthier production budget], but through the vocals of Maika Maile. The voice that first started to make waves last year with his youthful pop meets rock voice, but now, a year or so later, Maika has grown much more into himself and his intonation and accents are simply gripping. The single, which is also the title track, gives us an instant fan favorite and radio ready track, but the glory of it is that it flows seamlessly between the equally pleasing “The Remedy” and “Wish You Away.” This isn’t a record with cookie cutter tracks, but rather a well craft, single entity of music.

The group utilizes the size of A Little Faster to expand their scope with little bits of different genres/styles. There’s the the classic rock meets funk riff the opens “Backbone,” before a modern pop rock hook or electronic laced ballad “Just In Time” that sure to be the soundtrack for falling teen tears everywhere. I will admit, the sappiness of “Time” does get to be a bit much, but then again, I’m not the target audience, so who am I to hate?

“Stories,” track 7 on the record, is easily one of the finest examples of growth on the record. The hook and sound of the track is so well sculpted you’d think the Gods of pop rock crafted it themselves. This may honestly be the track that, if the band chooses to release it as a single, takes the to the next level of fame. Outside of the music, the vocals of Maika and crew through harmonies and verses is flawless and eats away at your mind long after the song and record are over. This isn’t a single peak among the back half of the album though, as the very next track, an acoustic song entitled “I Can’t Decide” is completely different, yet equally inviting and addicting.

As The record closes, we are given a final one-two knockout blow from “Burn The Night Away” and “The World Calling.” “Burn” gives us a more folk-like side of the group that brings to mind the recent works of Mark Rose of Spitalfield. You know, the kind of acoustic music the seems to ooze pheromones and talent at the same time, both in heavy amounts? That’s this song. Then, just as we think the band has calmed down for the end, the energy is kicked to eleven for the ridiculously catchy “The World Calling.” This is one of the most diverse rock tacks on the record and the hand clap section matched with the bridge and chorus create a hurricane of pleasing sounds that leave us wanting to hit repeat instantly.

I will admit, I had my questions about There For Tomorrow after hearing their EP last year, but consider any opinion I use to have erased. A Little Faster is the kind of album that defines people. The kind of record teens today will look back at and say, “that was when I knew there was more to music than noise and hooks about girls.” For a debut, this is amazing, but for any band it would be incredible. There for Tomorrow have emerged in a scene wrought with redundancy and made something truly unique and catchy. Kudos boys, good job.

Score: 9.5/10

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  1. Ronna and Brittany says:

    Maika and gang, we are so proud of you. You go guys!!!!!!!! I know your moms are happy and proud of you also. I look forward to seeing you again in concert soon and have a great time on tour.

    Love you.

    Britt and Ronna