Nothing Beats Free Music

cavalry-recordsweb_0Our good friends at Cavalry Records have released a two part megamix/mashup mixtape that features all genres and style of music near seamlessly blended together. For one week only you can download both parts for free. Check out this chunk from the press release;

Cavalry has finished PT.2 of the Cavalry MIXtape clocking in at 23 minutes long, it contains songs both from back in the day (To some…) and newer tracks but they all have the same thing in common… They will all keep you moving!

You can stream both tracks at:

For 1 week you can download and share these mixtapes with all of your friends! Right click on a player or go to the audio page to download the songs.

The Cavalry MIXtape will debut in Summer ’09 on a limited edition USB with separated tracks to pick and choose songs, over 2 hours worth of mashups, a Full Dance MIX, and several other awesome extras!

Spread the word! Girl Talk better watch out, the Cavalry is coming!

Get this, it’s well worth your time.

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  1. Patryk says:

    Thanks so much James! Your the man! haha