////_ _\\\\ 9/11/09 The Roc!

Throw your diamonds in the sky,  ////_ _\\\\, because it has been unofficially announced that Blueprint 3 will be released, like the last two Blueprint album release dates, on September 11th. The only news I’ve heard rumored about this album is that Jay-Z demanded ALL songs with the use of Autotune on them must be removed. If you haven’t checked out “DOA (Death Of Autotune)” yet, then check it out now….and also check out the article regarding the release date of BP3.

Jay-Z’s long anticipated Blueprint 3 has a release date set for September 11, 2009. The album will be released by Jay-Z’s own label Roc Nation and will be distributed by Atlantic Records. Not too much else is known about the upcoming album, but an official announcement is expected Sunday on NYC’s Hot 97 radio station as well as at the massive Summer Jam concert in Giants Stadium.

courtesy of Rapmusic.com

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