D-Block – No Security Review


Artist: D-Block

Album: No Security

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Label: E1, D-Block Records


1. So Much Trouble (featuring Beanie Sigel)

2. Thrilla

3. Show ‘Em (featuring OJ Da Juiceman)

4. Get That Paper

5. Get Ya’ Bounce On (featuring Webstar)

6. From The Block

7. That’s D-Block

8. Round And Round

9. Hello (featuring Red Café)

10. Brother’s Keeper

11. Hustler’s Prayer

12. Like That Y’all (Remix)


June 9th marks the date history will be made for the Yonker’s trio with their new compilation disc entitled No Security, the first release from Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, and Styles P. in nine years—We Are The Streets (2000).


No Security is the first studio release the trio will release under the name D-Block. They previously were named The L.O.X. and released two albums under Bad Boy and Ruff Ryders, respectively.


Apart from the three main members, Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, and Styles P., the group also consists of an arm length long list of under bosses that make appearances in their posse. Rap names consist of St.raw and Trav (Team Arliss), Bucky, A.P., T. Waters, Bully, Lou Banga, and S.I. just to point out a few. D-Block also equips a handful of producers exclusive to their camp like Devine, Poops, Supa Mario, and Vinny Idol. Missing from those two lists is J-Hood, the former emcee and longtime rider with the original three throughout the entire Ruff Ryders campaign. With such a strong roster, how could you expect anything less than greatness?


My first impression of No Security was similar to the impressions that “official” mixtapes give me. Truthfully, this compilation sounds like a professionally mastered mixtape that was pushed out under an official label that lacks the annoying mixtape DJ screaming all over the record. After taking all of the previous stated information into consideration, you get a nice project.


The production is consistent throughout the entire compilation, which wasn’t hard for D-Block to maintain consistency when there are only twelve tracks in total on the disc. The hottest beats on the album were, “Hello,” which features Red Café and was produced by infamous beat-maker Scram Jones. Other notable knockers are: Brother’s Keeper, Hello, Hustla’s Prayer, From The Block, So Much Trouble, and Show ‘Em. Pete Rock made an appearance on the beats…chea!


The actual tracks are suspects in themselves. I understand that this is a compilation, but the crew leader, Jadakiss, only made three appearances on the entire project. Even if that is twenty-five percent of the tracks it is nothing in comparison to Tech N9ne’s compilation project released earlier this spring. Tech was featured on all of the compilation tracks and demanded our respect once the record finished playing. Jadakiss makes me feel, as a listener, that he owes me more exclusive content then what he put on this record.


You can hear features on this album from the likes of Beanie Sigel, Red Café, and OJ Da Juiceman, which is a perfect mixture that doesn’t “over due it” too much. I love the fact that there isn’t an overwhelming amount of album features on this record.


Some of the hottest tracks, as a whole, consist of: Hello, Brother’s Keeper, Show ‘Em, Hustler’s Prayer, and So Much Trouble. The “main three” held it down the whole record and outshined their peers in most of the facets of rapping. Styles P. really bodied this album, seriously—be sure to rewind his verses and take in the truth he spits!


Next to come from D-Block is their new album entitled New L.O.X. Order, which will be the third album released by the D-Block squad under the name The L.O.X and will be released under Bad Boy Records—the first record from Bad Boy since 1998. After a big falling out with Diddy in the past, The L.O.X. re-inked a deal with Bad Boy and are aiming to release their new drop in late 2009, but if you ask me, the album will probably get pushed back into early 2010. Keep your eyes open and cop the greatness when you see it.


Written By: Brandon “Venamis” Folsom – www.twitter.com/venamis (follow me)

Score: 7.5/10

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