New Music Stream: Attack! Attack! [from the UK]

attack-attack-uk-gallery-prf-1228457343Many of you probably know of Attack Attack!, the Christian based hardcore act on Rise Records, but get ready to confuse your friends and Ipod by discovering Attack! Attack! [that explanation point makes a difference]. This up and coming pop punk act from the UK has a sound that enters your blood stream and the most addictive drugs and enough energy to bring it in the live arena. The group is currently out with Silverstein in the UK and will surely be stateside soon.

To introduce you to this hot new act, we are lucky enough to give you two songs to stream. Check it out below and tell us your thoughts!

You and Me:
[audio: 02 You And Me.mp3]

This Is A Test:
[audio: 03 This Is A Test.mp3]

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One Response to “New Music Stream: Attack! Attack! [from the UK]”

  1. big_metal_al says:

    Cool! For sure the better Attack! Attack!