A Chat with Krysta of Iwrestledabearonce!

My favorite heavy band of the year, Iwrestledabearonce, have begun their takeover of the music world with the release of the highly praised It’s All Happening and we finally got a second chance to speak with the group, specifically Krysta, yesterday. I don’t know if a nicer, more relaxed, and hilarious group of musicians exists in this scene today. If you don’t know what I mean, just look below. Also, if you get a chance, see them live. Seriously.

UTG: Krysta, how are you doing today?

IWABO: Good, making myself with morning coffee. It’s 230 pm, but eh, our schedule is backwards due to touring.

UTG: Now last time we spoke at SxSW you were unable to discuss the record, It’s All Happening, as it was very early in the promotional cycle. However, now it’s been out for about a minute, topped made our list for best heavy record of the year thus far, and it seems everyone’s really into it. At least, that’s my impression. How have you found people responding to the record?

IWABO: I was really shocked that I haven’t seen a bad review. Decibel wrote something negative, but that’s it. It’s crazy. generally people say “this is fucking terrible,” but that’s not the case and we always find those people. I’m really surprised to find this because I’m kind of interested in hearing something negative about it. It’s nice to hear that people love it, but criticism can help. I mean, you need criticism to grow, something to work at and whatnot, you know?

UTG: Do you think the “old school” fans are all still with you, or do you think somewhere out there you’ve already been called sell outs for you know, getting a drummer and having a record label? I mean, it seems silly to ask, but underground fans of this genre seem to have odd views on “selling out” and whatnot.

IWABO: Normally, kids that are 16 or even younger, who talk to us tell us these overly specific things that blow me away. They complain about the new version, when in reality, I’ve gotten so much more capable of singing that song. To me, it’s a world better, but to them it’s not. We know the song now, we could play it if we were dealing with Aids related deaths, but some people speak of that song’s original state. With the drums, people seem to like Mikey, he’s our Bill Cosby. For the record, there’s more singing and I thought people wouldn’t adapt to it because young kids don’t remember when metal/hardcore did that. We went into FYI yesterdsy and were in the POP section, not METAL. It was cool to not be lumped into the metal bin because we have more sides to us.

UTG: Okay onto the record itself. Lyrically speaking, is there a song you think can out best above the others? Given the vast range you use for each track, it seems you have a lot of creative possibilities as far as vocals are concerned so I wonder if now, looking back, one sticks out to you more than others?

IWABO: Lyrically and vocally, “Eli Tash Vs.” is awesome. Mikey, our drummer did backups with me and it was cool. We were really rushed to do the record. We had and a half months to write and record and a lot of it was vocal work I hadn’t done before. It was cool to have Mikey in there as well as I pictured it with that part when I wrote it. He has amazing range and it really makes the track awesome. “See You In Shell” is a very personal song for me and anytime we do that one it just hits me. Everytime we play it, its just raw and grabs me.

UTG: As you are going to be away from recording, that must mean you’ll be touring. How’s the rest of 2009 look for IWABO as far as touring goes?

IWABO: In July we go out with August Burns Red. Then after a break we go out in the fall, but I can’t say with who. In October, near the end, we’re going to Europe. We’re all very excited to go there, it’s been our dream. After that, in the winter months, we’ll piece more music and songs together. We missed a lot of holidays, but this time I think we’re going to spend a lto of time with family. We’re then going to tour until we need botox and such, like Aerosmith. Actually, we don’t want to get to that point. There comes a time you need to just stop. Same thing with U2. Joshua Tree was awesome, but Jesus Christ.

UTG: Not to take a turn away from the music, but let’s talk about you for a moment. It’s no great secret that there are a lack [but growing amount] of females in the Metal scene. However, in the last year you’ve been able to turn more heads than some longstanding acts in the same vein as your group. Do you think the fact that IWABO is fronted by a female helps you? Or do you think it’s not really a factor?

IWABO: I think it does and doesn’t. I’ve been doing music for years now and back home I was in a band with my sister and a friend Samantha all up front with guys in the back. People came to shows and people were into us, but they wanted to market us for the wrong reasons. Now, with this group, I think people recognize it more because it’s female fronted, but I think it’s for the right reasons because I’m not shaking my ass on stage or showing it off in photoshoots. We do this for music, not fashion. Granted, when we do photo shoots, we shower, but it’s still not our focus. When people are looking at your band, especially in the future looking back, I don’t want my kids or my kids’ kids to be asking me why my boobs are hanging out. I want to be a positive force. We know sex sells, but I’d rather step back than be recognized for that. It’s music. If you want porn, be a stripper.

UTG: Alright, well, we don’t do final questions if you remember. We prefer you to make a closing statement that doesn’t involve IWABO. So Krysta, the floor is yours:

IWABO: We actually bought something nice for once. The nicest possession I will probably ever own. We got a lot of movies and stuff and have relaxed which has been nice. We watch a lot of movie previews, but it sucks because tour hurts us from doing those things. We may go see Transformers 2, but it’s gotten terrible reviews. Then we were cockblocked because Halloween 2 less amusing than the first remake. However, Trick or Treat, looks awesome. Then the total cockblock was finding the new Nightmare on Elm Street, only to find out it was a fake. It was awesome though.

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