Brett Dennen Concert Review – Rothbury ’09

Brett Dennen – Live from the Rothbury Music Festival (2009) (Rothbury, Michigan)brett-dennen-rothbury-01



Pictures courtesy of Detroit Chris

As a lot of the readers who frequent UTG Review know, I am an avid hip-hop fan and normally only cover hip-hop music. However, little do people know how big of a Brett Dennen fan I am and how big of a fan I am of modern folk music in general.


This past weekend, July 3rd, I had an opportunity to watch Brett Dennen perform at the Rothbury Music Festival, which is one of the biggest music festivals around. Overall, he had a nice turnout of people watching him. Fans gathered around the stage, sat on their beach blankets, and relaxed to the peaceful vibes Brett Dennen let off while he was on stage. The entire experience was something I would not trade for the world.


Brett Dennen performed many of his hit songs, old and new, and provided an even balance of music for his fans to follow. He played many favorites such as, “San Francisco,” “Make You Crazy,” and “She’s Mine.”


Dennen was also able to control the crowd well and was able to keep all of his fans happy. It is hard to find a musician with so much charisma as Dennen has when it comes to stage presence. Whether a fan is laughing at his silly dances or vibing to his righteous music, there is something for any person to see at one of Brett Dennen’s sets.


The biggest surprise from the show was when Brett Dennen created a mild pause toward the end of his set as he conference with his band members. The fans had no idea that the band members were debating whether or not if they should perform, “Billie Jean,” as a tribute to the passing of Michael Jackson. As all the fans watched, the band started their rendition of one of the greatest MJ song. Hearing Brett Dennen’s vocal version of, “Billie Jean,” will forever be one of my biggest memories in music—he pulled it off perfectly.


After seeing Brett Dennen at Rothbury, it makes me even more excited to go see him again…and I have seen him live twice already! Also, I would like to thank the folks at Rothbury for handing me a couple of Press Passes for the weekend show. It was much appreciated.


Score: 8.5/10

Written By: Brandon “Venamis” Folsom – (follow me)


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