UTG EXCLUSIVE: La Dispute Stream!

If you haven’t noticed already, our side bar player has been updated with four literally BRAND NEW [just released at 8pm on Christmas Eve] tracks from La Dispute! These tracks make up the entirety of their new EP, Here, Hear 3 and can be yours for a price you name via the band’s BAND CAMP account. All proceeds will be going to a charitable cause. Read more and click the links below: [SOURCE]

Well, it was sleepless, mostly. And frantic, as always. And not without difficulty (spotty internet connection, late equipment arrivals, Brad wrestling with recording business, Chad wrestling with computer business, me falling asleep at 6:30 last night and not waking up till 6:30 this morning, etc. etc. and so on and so forth), but it comes with the sublime mixture of that sort of weary but triumphant satisfaction I can only imagine comes from getting something done by the skin of one’s teeth, and the feeling that you’re doing it for something worthwhile (your potential enjoyment, our creative purge, and, of course Well House).

Prior to posting the link, I want to again stress that if you don’t feel compelled to donate, or if you don’t have the means to donate, you can still download the songs–We want you to have them. The option to donate is only an option, albeit one I hope people choose, but we know how tight money is these days.

To those of you who are able to donate, I also want to stress that every dollar and cent donated to Well House will be used by the board and residents of Well House (there are actually 3 houses with 12 residents and 4 live-in staff members currently) to aid the funding of both the houses themselves (installing further solar panels, purchasing seeds and tools for produce farming, etc) as well as several fantastic and forward-thinking programs geared towards transitioning people with housing problems into self-sustaining, self-providing individuals. Rather than relying on government handouts and misappropriated programs that fail to address the housing crisis on its most basic levels, Well House provides a positive, communal environment for struggling people and families that addresses both financial and emotional need, all the while assisting in the general betterment of the community. I don’t mean to drag on or preach or anything, and I’m certainly not trying to guilt you into giving money, but, man, the place is so cool. I can’t stop talking once I start. People can be both extremes, I have a hard time remembering that sometimes.

Anyways, your downloads:
(note- all downloads include artwork, liner notes, and lyrics)

The download includes, as previously mentioned, the new Here, Hear (Number 3, for those of you counting), as well as Here, Hear I and IIOnly Everything Below and Shall Never Lose Its Power from the 7″ we put out last Spring, and 2 Holiday songs released on CD-R with the Holiday Edition of Here, Hear II. Also included in the download is a digital copy of the liner notes, the lyrics, and 3 album “covers” (designed and composed by Mr. Adam Vass and our dear friend Dr. David Summers), which you may have already seen posted elsewhere.

As a closing note, new, non-Here, Hear songs are in the works. A split or two, a new full length, it’s all on the way for 2010. Remember though–sleepless, mostly–frantic, always–and never without difficulties, so bear with us. And thank you in advance to everybody for downloading. We’ll keep you posted on what kind of donations come in. Oh, and tell your friends about all this, if you can. We’d love that.

Yours in life and all its many pleasant and unpleasant tributaries,

Jordan, Kevin, Vass, Chad, and Brad.

(more info: wellhousegr.org. scope that)

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