New Panic! At The Disco interview

Gigwise sat down with Panic! At The Disco to discuss their third album, how it was writing after losing Ryan Ross and Jon Walker, and more. Below is a snip-it from the interview about starting the recording process:

When did you start recording this new album?

Brendon – It was two separate people who we worked with John Feldmann and Butch Walker. We started working with John Feldmann like a year and a half ago.

Spencer – It was more demos at the time, most of the stuff we recorded then hasn’t made the record. Really it’s only been in the past nine months to a year that we’ve been recording. It’s a pretty long period but at the same time I think we weren’t going in and recording stuff every day. Some of the time we were writing or just putting ideas together.

Check out the rest of the interview here.

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