Tyler Carter responds to Woe Is Me update

Not even an hour ago, Woe is Me announced their new lead vocalist, Hance Alligood. Hance is replacing Tyler Carter, a man not only known for fantastic vocal control and melodies, but for his no shit attitude and uncensored statements. Just after the video was released, Carter took to Twitter to say the following:

Seriously… use my lyrics and melodies for the new song. That’s lame. How bout stop worrying about your damn #vengeance and write your own.

Two minutes later, Carter followed up with this:

No no, I’m happy for you guys. @Hance_ I love you and you have always been a good friend, but I hope your ready for what you’re getting into

It appears Tyler has some issues with the band that I can assume will surface again at some point. Is Carter right to warn Alligood about the band or should he just let it go?

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Jacob Tender
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  1. Sam Adams says:


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