Nate Flynn’s acoustic house tour

Nate Flynn, formerly from Sing It Loud, is looking to book houses/locations for a fall house tour.

If you live near any of the cities listed below and are interested in hosting an acoustic house show, contact to get the process started. If any questions arise, feel to email Nate about it.

Click through the link for the dates and cities.
Oct 14 – Pensacola, FL/Tallahassee, FL/Jacksonville, FL
Oct 15—Tampa, FL/St. Pete, FL
Oct 16—Orlando, FL
Oct 17—Atlanta, GA
Oct 18—Columbia, SC
Oct 19—Charlotte, NC
Oct 20—Richmond, VA
Oct 21—Baltimore, MD
Oct 22—Newark, DE
Oct 23—Allentown, PA
Oct 25—Poughkeepsie, NY
Oct 26—Buffalo, NY
Oct 27—Cleveland, OH
Oct 28—Columbus, OH
Oct 29—Detroit/Ann Arbor, MI
Oct 30—greater Chicago, IL area
Nov 01—Chicago, IL/Milwaukee, WI/Madison, WI
Nov 02—Minneapolis, MN

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