The Audition start Kickstarter

The Audition have started a Kickstarter to support the release of a new EP, Chapter II.

The band’s Kickstarter can be seen here.

After the link, you can check out a statement from the band and a clip of a demo for a new song.

We started a kickstarter to help fund the recording of our new EP that we will be doing with John Nalcerio who also produced Controversy Loves Company and Champion.
We are no longer on a label and with that new freedom we have a new level of creativity, but we also don’t have the financial backing we once had. We’ve always wanted our fans to be able to be apart of the creation process and with kickstarter we have that opportunity for you, the fans, to help with getting the album made. In return you can also grab some really cool and exclusive stuff. If you look to your right there are a bunch of cool pledge options that we thought you guys might enjoy!

This is a new start for the band, a new beginning and freedom for all of us. Kickstarter is just one of the many ways we are able to be creative and become closer with you who support us. We haven’t been this excited in years and this is a great way for us to make the album better with your help!

We hope you can pledge something even its $1. NO amount is too little and EVERY PLEDGE HELPS!

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