To coincide with today’s release of their newest, highly anticipated album Come Back As Rain, UTG brings you this exclusive interview with Good Old War!

Hailing from “The City of Brotherly Love” and forming a synthesis from two separate band’s hiatuses, this indie-folk trio creates catchy, love-lyric induced melodies wrapped up in precise, impressive instrumentation.

UTG recently spoke with drummer Tim Arnold about touring with their good friend Anthony Green, the band’s career, and being hopeless romantics. Read through and “get some” “loud love” from Good Old War! Also, be sure to pick up their new album Come Back As Rain that just dropped today!

What are you looking forward to the most on this tour in support of Come Back as Rain?
I’m really looking forward to the reactions of the new songs. If people are singing along, we are gonna be in heaven.

How was touring as Anthony Green’s band for his recent Beautiful Things tour?
It was a blast. It’s really fun to play a different style than Good Old War. With Anthony, it’s very free and easy, just jamming with friends. That’s not to say we dont take it seriously… it’s just not as much pressure when you’re backing someone up rather than putting the show on yourself. We love Anthony. We’ve known him for a long time and it’s an extreme pleasure and an honor to be the band behind the man.

Do you have a personal favorite GOW lyric that means something more to you than any others?
I guess the lyrics to the verse I sing in ‘Loud Love’ mean more to me than others, not only because I wrote the words but because it was about a relationship that had ended and started up again like five times. The whole verse is pretty much about me really wanting it to work. It didn’t.

How would you say Come Back As Rain differs from your previous two full lengths?
It differs in a lot of different ways. For this record we all sat down and took a hard look at everything in the song being proposed. Every line was a discussion, every chord change, feel, tempo, key. Everything was examined and taken apart and put back together. In the past it was more Keith or Dan coming to the table with a song and all of us being like, “Great! Let’s lay it down!”. We had our best pal Jason Cupp produce the whole thing as well which changed it up a bit.

What influences play a key role in the GOW writing and recording process?
Anything can influence while recording or writing. Your mood during a recording session could give the song a different vibe. As far as writing goes, I’d say we write about what we know. Things that impact in life, which more often than not, have to do with women and relationships. Probably because we are all tortured romantics.

What would you consider to be the highlight of the band’s career thus far?
There have been so many wonderful things that have happened to us, but playing with Alison Krauss sticks out in my mind. The whole band, crew, everyone involved were sweethearts and just the most talented people.

Would you guys consider an EP of your favorite Days Away songs as GOW renditions/covers?
Anything is possible, but probably not.

What’s the next big goal for Good Old War?
To take over the world.

Written and conducted by: Brian Leak

Brian Leak
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