UTG PHOTOS: Beast Friends Forever Tour (6/7/12)

Under The Gun’s photographer Tori Thomas attended the first date of the Beast Friends Forever tour featuring Jon Walker (ex-Panic! At The Disco), Mark Rose (ex-Spitalfield), and Lucas Carpenter in Buchanan, MI.

This tour line-up may sound very familiar, it’s because this exact line-up toured the mid-west and east coast in the fall of 2011; bringing back the rock in the summer of 2012 with the Beast Friends Forever Tour. This time around, Jon Walker, Mark Rose, & Lucas Carpenter performed differently; instead of having individual sets, they combined their sets to form a writer’s round which is quite familiar in Nashville. I came to the show expecting separate sets, but was happily surprised with their combined sets! The only downfall to this set up is the number of songs each artist could perform; I would have loved a longer set from each artist. I enjoyed Mark & Jon jumping in on one of Lucas’ songs, or Jon & Lucas joining one of Mark’s songs, and Lucas & Mark playing along with one of Jon’s songs. It brought a new element to the table and it was a great one! If you have a chance to make it to one of the shows, you definitely should. The dates for the tour can be seen here

Check out some my photos from the Buchanan stop of the Beast Friends Forever Tour after the jump!

Jon Walker, Mark Rose, & Lucas Carpenter


Want to see more? Click here for more of Tori Thomas’ photographs from this show!

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