Frank Turner plays Olympics Opening Ceremony

It came as a complete surprise to many of us this morning when murmurs passed through our feeds that folk-punk musician, Frank Turner assisted in opening the Ceremonies at the 30th Olympiad in London, England.

Yes, the former Million Dead lead vocalist took stage to perform 3 songs just before the ceremonies officially began. Backed by his band, the Sleeping Souls, and label-mates Jim Lockey, Emily Barker, and Ben Marwood, Frank sang fan favorite, “I Still Believe,” to an in-house crowd of 200,000 and millions of at-home and online viewers.

It’s interesting to know that Frank Turner was personally asked to perform by Danny Boyle, the ceremony’s director. Of this, Frank said, “Being asked to play the opening ceremony was something I never imagined was going to happen in my wildest most feverish dreams; but the fact that Danny Boyle asked me personally, as a fan, convinced me to do it. It’s a pretty terrifying prospect, but I’m secretly pretty happy to be part of it, it’s a once in a lifetime thing.”

A once in a lifetime thing, indeed. Congratulations Frank. We’ll give you video as soon as it surfaces.

UPDATE: It surfaced.

Jacob Tender
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2 Responses to “Frank Turner plays Olympics Opening Ceremony”

  1. which songs were played?


  2. Jacob Tender says:

    This is all we have at the moment.

    Unfortunately, this was before regular network coverage, so BBC 1 was the only station we are aware of to film it. We’re hoping for higher quality soon.