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Chicago’s Lupe Fiasco has never been one to shy away from sensitive subject matter, and those needing proof need look no further than tonight’s leak off his highly anticipated new album, Food & Liquor 2.

“Lamborghini Angels” has been teased for over a week, most notably because of Lupe’s explicit warning to easily offended fans. Taking to Twitter last week, Lupe wrote:

WARNING: If you are easily offended or religiously sensitive DO NOT listen to #LamborghiniAngels it contains very strong subject matter.

Why such a precaution? In classic Lupe fashion, the “Kick, Push” emcee delivers another lyrical onslaught with “Lamborghini Angels,” only this time each verse is laced with discussion of wrongdoings in the name of holiness throughout the ages. I know that may sound epic (and a bit strange), but believe me when I say it is so. Lupe clearly feels strongly on the subject, and it could very easily go wrong for him from a PR standpoint with some Christian fans, but Fiasco tackles the subject with grace and successfully goes where few have ever dared. It’s not perfect, in fact I think the third verse could be cut completely, but it is a bold step into new territory and I’ve come to expect nothing less from this artist. Click past the jump and enjoy.

Food & Liquor 2 is due out September 25.

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5 Responses to “STREAM: Lupe Fiasco – Lamborghini Angels”

  1. Vincent says:

    no the 3rd verse should stay, things like that happen countless times and people just let that shit fly by, da fuq? something needs to be said, Thanks Lupe

  2. MufFinn Man says:

    I agree with the last comment. 3rd verse is the most important. He flows hard as hell on the track though. Best Lupe song since The Cool (the album).

  3. Kahmali says:

    you had me right up until you said the 3rd verse could be cut. that verse is the most relevant to our time. another thought/discussion-provoking hit from lupe.

  4. hd says:

    The third verse is the best part of the song. Pedophilia and US army attrocities should be left untouched?

  5. G Davis says:

    Lupe went in on this. People only hate him because he exposes people, and touches controversial topics. Things that need to be said. He says it, no hesitation. People have gotten really complacent.