Jack White Upsets Fans With Short Setlist In New York City

Last night at Radio City Music Hall, Jack White played an incredibly shortened show. The average performance on his Blunderbuss tour is 20 songs long, but last night, his set was only 12 songs. Many fans hung out after the show, chanting “Fuck Jack White!” and attempting to return merchandise they purchased.

Several places are reporting that Jack White was calm and in a normal mood before the show. Something must have set him off, with Jack saying “Jesus Christ, is this an NPR Convention?” and supposedly having a disagreement with a shirtless man in the front row at one point.

No word yet on whether Meg White was a part of the uproar, or if she calmly stood in the back and did something simple (just kidding). Tickets for the show ran as high as $90 (not kidding), so there is some legitimate reason for the crowd to be upset for a 12 song set.

What do you think of it? Is the artist in the right, or do the fans deserve better? Did the fans react appropriately? Tell us in the comments!

Dan Bogosian
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6 Responses to “Jack White Upsets Fans With Short Setlist In New York City”

  1. MCostaNY says:

    I was at the Radio City show last night. First of all, the tix I bought from StubHub didn’t work at the door. The seller sold them multiple times. Easy fix, you should only be able to sell hard tix on the secondary market. We had to purchase a second pair of tix at the box office. Buyer beware when using StubHub. My ticket ordeal made the slap in the face that Jack gave us even worse. Indeed, there were plenty of older money people, and a lot of your too cool hipster types making some of the crowd seem lame. That said, there were also plenty of us avid fans who were screaming and singing along. We did not deserve this outcome. I think the not happy with the sound rumor is nonsense because if that’s the case, you act professional and play through it for your fans. I know that Jack doesn’t believe that the crowd’s job is done once they’ve paid their 2 bits(or $265 for me), and I agree. I understand that playing to a dead crowd can bring you down, but man up and play for the real fans who payed a lot of money to see you. I’m a huge Jack White fan, but I can’t help but have a sour taste in my mouth about last night. I’m gonna hold onto my tickets in hopes that Jack somehow makes things right.

  2. Dan Bogosian says:

    I wasn’t there, so I may not be able to comment justifiably too too much, but finding out about all this… I really wanted to be on Jack’s side but couldn’t be… and then people were chanting to bring him back and a pizza delivery guy showed up backstage, and its like c’mon Jack. It just seemed like a lazy thing to me, you know? I’ll always be a big Jack White fan, and I loved when I saw the White Stripes live, but this all does seem sort of BS on his part, to me. (But I didn’t want to paint that in the article itself.) I’m with you on this.

    P.S. Do you not normally hang on to tickets? I’ve saved mine from every show I’ve ever been to…

  3. MCostaNYC says:

    Yeah, I usually buy the gig posters and frame them with the tickets. He’s my favorite artist, and now I got a bad taste in my mouth. It sucks

  4. Alison says:

    i was in row AA- there was no shirtless dude (i don’t know why blogs keep posting this), just some preppy guy that was taking pictures with a camera. this upset jack, and he exchanged heated words with the audience member multiple times, telling him to stop. i hope something like that wouldn’t be the reason for the short set.

    whatever the reason, it was a disappointing show for a lot of jack white fans. i just moved here for grad school and spent my whole concert budget for the next few months on a front row ticket to see my favorite artist, so i am bummed that white didn’t give a better performance. a lot of us really wanted to be there and support his music. if white walked off the stage prematurely because of one fan, while there were 5000+ fans in the audience, i am really disenchanted.

  5. Emma says:

    I was at this show and was shocked by how short it was. I already saw Jack n the past and he was amazing and played for 1 and 1/2 hours. No one would leave radio city becasue we were all in shock.The whole crowd started to sing Seven Nation Army but still no sing of Jack. When the finally had to close the curtains (becaue no one would leave) everyone booed. I never been to a concert so short in my live before. I love jack but he should treat his fans right and at least play for an hour.

  6. Musiclover says:

    Did the ticket say No Cameras Allowed?