WATCH: Ronnie Radke Throws Mic Stands Into the Crowd

Last night we brought you the news of Falling in Reverse singer, Ronnie Radke‘s latest arrest taking place at the FestEVIL in Jackson, New Jersey.

Our inbox has seen an inpouring of emails regarding last night’s incident and the events that transpired. At about 10:20 last night, Falling In Reverse was finishing their set with a fan favorite. After the last notes rang out, the vocalist threw his microphone into the crowd (hey, those are expensive…). This was followed by the launching of 3 microphone stands (which weight roughly 7-10lbs) into the crowd.

Unless the fans went to the show expecting pieces of flying metal, their time to react was small. The result of this display of RockStarianism was the injury of at least two fans, both of which had their heads split open. They were both hospitalized. We’ve received reports from several patrons that three stands were thrown and many were hit in the head or raised arms. We now have video to confirm this.

We’ve reached out to the Jackson Township Police Dept. for a statement. All we know is that Radke was arrested. We do not know how long he was held or if any charges are being pressed. If they are, they will be added to the list, right behind the State of California which is pursing the assault crimes we have been following for the past several months.

Here is the video from last night.


Jacob Tender
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  1. You’ll really love him when he ends up back in prison.

  2. Funyun says:

    Also, if he hadnt done what he’s being accused of he would have immediately stood up to defend himself. Instead he’s been repeatedly moving his court date back.

  3. Funyun says:

    Ronnie isn’t the most virtuous guy around, I know, but he’s incredibly important to me for a certain reason; however I’m not blinded by the fact he is famous nor am I a silly fangirl, I’m aware he has faults and one is him thinking things entirely through. Im not saying he purposefully meant to hurt his fans, and there’s a beautiful rush to performing on stage, but there are consequences to accidentally hurting a fan throwing metal at them. He simply didn’t think.

  4. DEE ZASTER says:

    come on,.. those mic stands didnt have boom bases on them,.. they were tripod stands and pretty damn light. no i wouldnt wanna get hit with one, but if i did i surely wouldnt have to go to the hospital. and he has done this at every show ive seen him do. so a few hundred shows now and this is the first time someone got hurt??? sounds like a few haters in the crown to me,.. ITS A ROCK SHOW CALLED FESTEVIL PEOPLE!!!! youd have to expect some mayhem at that show!! give the guy a break!!!!

  5. 12123213 says:

    Next time you come into my fucking town you are dead.

  6. lolwut? that shit ain’t light dude! you expect a teenage girl to catch something heavier than picks or sticks? think again. it wouldn’t even be easy to catch a fucking stand

  7. Kevin says:

    Yes, we all make mistakes, we all get ridiculed for them. Just because other people makes mistake doesn’t dissolve responsibility for one’s actions. He did something stupid, and there are consequences for it, and unfortunately this time around those consequences aren’t just affecting him. Stop being a blind fangirl and open your eyes to reality. This has nothing to do with him being a “celebrity”, it’s about his actions hurting people.

  8. Momo says:

    Ronnie I fucking love you I have been a fan since day one I never thought you murdered someone or hit your gf cause I know you didn’t but this is making you look soo bad! People that don’t know about you are going to think the worst of you, you need to calm and take it slow till everything is cleared up

  9. craziness says:

    he was high

  10. ShadowKiss says:


  11. ShadowKiss says:

    Hey! Stop hating on him. Yes, from the videos that I have seen; sure, he should stop being immature but you need to quit, too. This man is amazing. You have no fucking idea what he has been through his whole life. You have no right to judge him nor anyone else, Anon6. You are a fucking adult, as am I. He has phenomenal musical talent. His words and lyrics are inspiration and hope in his fans eyes. The music him and his band create come from the heart. Within his songs, he talks of his life and the bullshit he has been through because people like you are soo quick to judge and do not wait to understand and accept him for whom he is. Keep the negativity to yourself.

    “Take it or leave it

    But you best

    Believe Me
    It’s true!”~FiR: R. Radke~

  12. ShadowKiss says:

    STOP! That IS how it is FUCKING SPELLED! He isn’t abusing anyone. He doesn’t intend to hurt his fans. They just happen to catch the stands with their faces LOL! Next time, they oughta move their asses…

  13. ShadowKiss says:

    Agreed! ;)

  14. ShadowKiss says:

    Because he is on tour… or was. Either way, he has been busy…

  15. ShadowKiss says:

    Does your life revolve around him? No. Than, F*** Off!!!

  16. ShadowKiss says:

    That is fucking funny! I would have caught the knives for sure…

  17. ShadowKiss says:

    THANK YOU! Just for that comment, I <3 you, too! Hahaha… "I tell the truth… The more you kick me when I'm down, The more it truly helps…" ~R. Radke (FiR)~

  18. ShadowKiss says:

    Sod Off! = F*** Off! “Some way some how we are falling out… Caught in between my enemies… No way not now I won’t back down…” ~R. Radke (FiR)~

  19. Common says:

    Admit it, you’re 13, aren’t you?