STREAM: Jonny Craig – “House Of War”

Jonny Craig has 24 days left on his IndieGoGo campaign, for which he’s determined to raise $20,000 to record a brand new solo EP.

So far, he has acquired $12,197 of said goal. That’s not too shabby for a crooner straight out of rehab.

Not shabby at all.

To promote the fundraiser, Craig has released material in small increments. A few covers here, a new song there or here, and an interview over here.

Now, another new jam has surfaced. This one entitled “House of War.” You can stream it below.

Jacob Tender
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3 Responses to “STREAM: Jonny Craig – “House Of War””

  1. Lonnie Weets says:

    sloppy, cliche, and flat…what happened to my favorite artist?

  2. Gordon Richard says:

    He is an Independent recording artist, what do you expect? He got dropped from Rise, and now he has to do everything by himself. Stop being so disrespectful and support you “favorite artist” you twat.

  3. He bought his contract from Rise. They didn’t drop him. Do a little reading next time sir.