August Burns Red Announce ‘Rescue & Restore’

August Burns Red have taken the time today to make their long-awaited announcement for their sixth full length album. Although the album’s info was leaked yesterday, we now have official word from the band regarding the tracklist and album art for Rescue & Restore. Once again, the PA metalcore group will be releasing their record through their longtime label home, Solid State Records.

Pre-order info and singles will likely find their way to the public eye in the coming months. But for now, we can safely rest assured that whatever ABR has around the corner will shatter expectations and push musical boundaries even further than the albums they’ve created in the past. The band will be performing on main stage for the entirety of this summer’s Warped Tour.

Follow the jump to view the album art and track list.

ABR Restore And Rescue

01 – “Provision“
02 – “Treatment“
03 – “Spirit Breaker“
04 – “Count It All As Lost“
05 – “Sincerity“
06 – “Creative Captivity“
07 – “Fault Line“
08 – “Beauty In Tragedy“
09 – “Animals“
10 – “Echoes“
11 – “The First Step“

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One Response to “August Burns Red Announce ‘Rescue & Restore’”

  1. Devin Bender says:

    Hope a single comes out soon.
    They said they were gonna change this album up because metalcore is starting to all sound the same, and i agree.