David S. Goyer Talks ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel

We here at Under The Gun are crazed at all the news coming about for the new Superman vs. Batman face-off film. Trudging through Ben Affleck announcements, shooting locations, and all types of rumors alike, it is nice to see that screenwriter David S. Goyer has spoken about the recent developments of the film personally.

In what is the most exciting quote from recent Batman related news, Goyer says that “we’re a bit further along than what I think people realize.” If you remember back to the first few weeks after Man of Steel‘s release, Warner Brothers went ahead to fast-track a sequel due to the financial success of a film, hoping to create a cinematic universe to the likes of Marvel. It was only later that we realized that the film would pit Batman against Superman, with Affleck playing a tired and weary Bruce Wayne, inspired by the beloved The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel series.

When a studio fast-tracks a project due to its finances, it always leads a little troublesome for the actual content of the film. Now that the Affleck heat is starting to cool, the prospect of Affleck having any part in the film seems brighter and brighter. I mean, the guy is basically 3/3 in the directing chair, and if one looks past the Boston accents, and seemingly too perfect Fenway Park getaways, Affleck should be a welcomed addition to the foundation Synder and company have started with Man of Steel

Drew Caruso
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