Panic! At The Disco Stream New Album

‘This is gospel, for the fallen ones…’

Panic! At The Disco have surprised fans around the world this morning by streaming their entire new album a full week ahead of its scheduled release date.

Too Weird To Live, Too Young To Die was uploaded to PATD’s official YouTube account early Monday without the slightest hint of a teaser. The album features 10 new songs, including the singles “This Is Gospel” and “Ms. Jackson.” You can stream the album, in full, at the end of this post.

We had the pleasure of seeing Panic! At The Disco in concert less than a month ago and have yet to stop discussing how amazed we are at the progress they have made over the years. Their debut was a runaway success, but their early live show left a lot to be desired. Now, the band has mastered their sound in studio and on stage, making PATD one of the tightest pop rock groups working the alternative circuit today. We have high hopes for this album, and hope to bring you a full review in the days ahead.

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4 Responses to “Panic! At The Disco Stream New Album”

  1. Jacob Tender says:

    This is more or less Urie’s solo venture under the more successful guise of his once-full band. Still a good record as a whole, even if it’s a bit short. I doubt we’ll have 6 bonus tracks this time.

  2. Moyo Amoo-Peters says:

    I don’t really know what I think, with Vices and Virtues even though there were only two band members, Brendon and Spencer, it still felt like P!ATD more than this did and it felt as if the other band members didn’t have much of an influence on the sound and it was mostly Brendon.

    I usually try and give any artists album a go and listen with an open mind but I’m not sure I can. The synths used and the electronic riffs on this album are great and experimental but the lyrics are what let the album down a bit, they are still good but not as amazing as previous albums due to the lack theatrical lyrics and grand song meanings.

    Also, I love the effects on Brendon’s voice in This is Gospel but sometimes I felt that in other songs, it’s good to make use of music technology but I love Brendon’s voice and it ruins the songs with the effects. Also drumming wise Spencer wasn’t really utilised in the album and it would have been nice to hear Dallon’s voice maybe in a duet because he has a unique voice too. I have to keep in mind P!ATD’s change of genres and maybe I love the other genres and no this one as much which I guess is okay :)

  3. Jonny H says:

    I don’t know. The Target edition already has two bonus tracks, and with the Japanese and Deluxe editions yet to be announced, I suspect more bonus tracks will surface over the coming weeks/months. I imagine that whittling it down to 10 songs was pretty painful for someone as prolific as Brendon.

  4. Alec Belle says:

    I honestly feel like “This Is Gospel” is one of the worst songs they ever made…it’s so annoying. I loved the rest of the album, though.