HOLY SH!T: You Need To See The ‘Godzilla’ Teaser

Listen (or read, rather). I know you think you know what a Godzilla movie looks like. You’ve probably seen glimpses of the original classics, or perhaps have made the mistake of thinking the Matthew Broderick lead film from the 1990s was worthy of praise, but I assure you none of those former iterations can prepare you for what Gareth Edwards has planned for next year’s monster epic. Set photos have been popping up online for months, and there was widespread coverage of the footage shown at Comic-Con, but it was not until this afternoon that the general public received their first look at the new Godzilla.

Created specifically for Comic-Con before the rest of the film had went into production, a teaser trailer showing a brief glimpse of the monster at the center of Gareth Edwards‘ new film found its way online today. Warner Bros. has been swooping in to take down the clips as they become available, but for the time being you can find the best working links available at the end of this post.

The 90-second teaser features a vintage voiceover from Julius Robert Oppenheimer’s infamous speech on the atom bomb as we see what looks to be the aftermath of Godzilla’s terror. The line ‘destroyer of worlds’ hits home in a whole new way.

Godzilla will arrive in theaters in time for summer 2014. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the first teaser.


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