If You Want ‘SLC Punk 2’ You’re Going To Have To Fund It

What was once just talk has turned into reality. Just months after announcing plans to try and bring an SLC Punk sequel to life, creator James Merendino has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the film’s production.

Announced via press release (the most punk of all news delivery methods), the official crowdfunding campaign for SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead has 45 days to reach its goal of $250,000. Of course, since this is an Indiegogo account, if the film fails to raise its posted goal the creators will still have the option of keeping all funds donated. From the release:

“The thing I find appealing about crowd sourcing is that it’s a way for everybody to join the party, we are all VIPs, we are all big shots. Indiegogo is an amazing conduit for us to do this. Plus I really like the word gogo, it reminds me of girls dancing in giant bird cages,” says James Merendino, writer/director. “That said, I am really looking forward to getting on the set, making this movie. I’m excited to collaborate again with some old friends, as well as new friends like Branden Steineckert, who will definitely help me put together a killer soundtrack.”

Music is certainly a key element in a film like SLC Punk, but story comes first. Details are relatively vague as far as a plot synopsis for SLC2 is concerned, but a teaser on the Indiegogo campaign promises the sequel will pick up 18 years later. Bob is still dead, but Trish from the Bong Shop, Stevo, Sean the Beggar, John the Mod, crazy Mark and tree hugger Mike are arrogantly saving the world for another generation…or they are at least trying.

Casting for SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead has not been revealed, but the campaign page claims the majority of the original cast have agreed to participate as long as scheduling issues do not arise. That said, Jason Segel is nowhere to be found in the accompanying imagery, so his appearance is probably least likely of all.

At the time of this post the campaign to fund SLC Punk 2 had raised a little over $11,000. If you want more information on donation options, click here. Comment below and let us know whether or not you plan to help make this film a reality.

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  1. Punk's Dead says:

    Hi James, do you want to interview James Merendino so he can answer some of your questions? Thanks for the shout out. Gabby