Watch Miley Cyrus Cover Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” on BBC Radio 1

Miley Cyrus at BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

BBC Radio 1‘s Live Lounge is probably my favorite Internet thing ever. Why? Every week they capture amazing performances in great quality. Each cover, acoustic rendition, and studio session fits quite nicely in my bootlegged library. Top notch stuff.

One of the studio’s more recent videos is that of Miley CyrusLana Del Rey cover. “Summertime Sadness” didn’t stick with me when Lana sang it, but I have a warm, cushy soft spot for Miley and this take snuggles right in.

You can watch the video performance below.

Jacob Tender
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6 Responses to “Watch Miley Cyrus Cover Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” on BBC Radio 1”

  1. Brian Lion says:

    Her voice drives me nuts. It’s so grating. Not as bad on studio recordings but live it’s like nails on a chalkboard. This is one of my favorite songs on ‘Born To Die’ and this doesn’t touch it. Also, I await the day that Miley keeps her tongue in her mouth.

  2. Brian Lion says:

    And I won’t remark on your “warm, cushy, soft spot…”

  3. Dillon James Ridenour says:

    At least Miley can carry a tune. Lana del Ray is a joke of an artist. Everyone sings her songs better than her.

  4. Brian Lion says:

    I couldn’t possibly disagree more. In my head I’ll just pretend like you mixed those two names up because I literally feel the exact opposite. I feel like all the Miley covers are far better than the originals and Miley’s voice in this is so obnoxious, it’s hard for me to bear.

  5. Dillon James Ridenour says:

    Listen to her sing in this backyard session: Miley can sing live, Lana just projects sadness with her mouth.

  6. Brian Lion says:

    It’s really just a matter of preference. There are times when I can tolerate her, but for the most part her voice is just annoying to me. The tone gets under my skin. She sounds like a 12 year old trying to sound like a 30 year old. I just prefer Lana. That’s me.