‘Non-Stop’ Takes Off With #1 Spot

non-stop still

After three weeks of dominance, The LEGO movie has been dethroned by none other than Liam Neeson’s latest film, Non-Stop. The action film made about $30 million over this weekend after it had earned over $10 million on Friday alone. This marks Neeson’s live-action return to the silver screen after strictly voice-acting in films like The LEGO Movie and The Nut Job for the past year-and-a-half.

Right behind it comes Son of God, which pulled in over $26 million over the weekend. This comes a little surprising when glanced over, since the film relies off of both recycled and unused footage from the hit History Channel series, The Bible.  Considering the fact that the film’s production budget scrapes past $20 million, it’s practically guaranteed that Fox will be making a pretty penny in the long run.

Our review of Non-Stop can be found right here. Follow the jump to see this weekend’s top ten highest grossing films.

  1. Non-Stop – $30,000,000
  2. Son of God – $26,500,000
  3. The LEGO Movie – $21,000,000
  4. The Monuments Men – $5,000,000
  5. 3 Days to Kill  $4,900,000
  6. RoboCop – $4,500,000
  7. Pompeii  $4,300,000
  8. Frozen – $3,600,000
  9. About Last Night – $3,400,000
  10. Ride Along – $3,100,000
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