Prepare Yourselves: Atreyu Are About To Do Something Cool (We Think)

Earlier this year we spent an entire afternoon battling heart palpitations while considering the possibility of Atreyu returning from their hiatus to once more rock audiences around the world. We were so excited, in fact, that we ran a listicle so soon after the announcement we thought Buzzfeed would high five us (they never did). The buzz wore off a few days later however, and the band stopped making updates all over again.

Yesterday, every single social network controlled by Atreyu was updated with solid black imagery. Every profile picture, cover photo, and accompanying customizable space was turned black without any explanation being given to fans. We are reaching out to our industry contacts for insight as to what the band has planned, but at this time there is nothing that can be confirmed.

It is worth mentioning that Atreyu’s most popular album, The Curse, turns 10 on June 9 of this year. Considering that date is only a few short weeks away, this sudden change may signal plans to celebrate the album hitting the decade mark. We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.

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One Response to “Prepare Yourselves: Atreyu Are About To Do Something Cool (We Think)”

  1. Jordan Cable says:

    I was so excited last year when they posted that status on Facebook. Let’s hope they finally reunite after years of rumors and failed attempts. I wouldn’t mind some new Atreyu or even seeing them play a show to be honest.