Stream Caribou’s Excellent New Single “Our Love”

The fact that Caribou will be dropping Our Love in two months is a little more than exciting. The album, which drops October 6 via City Slang, is the Canadian electronic musician’s first full-length in four years, following up 2010’s excellent Swim. This summer has been nothing but nonstop plays of the lead single “Can’t Do Without You,” so now that we have a new single on our hands, we’re ready to toss it on the record player for some new Caribou airplay.

“Our Love” showcases Dan Snaith getting down to business. Instead of the playful repetition of “Can’t Do Without You,” the title-track has beautiful progression that, despite originally seeming spotty, folds together seamlessly. His smooth falsetto floats around while Owen Pallett’s strings make a quick appearance (it’s not surprising considering the two have collaborated in the not too distant past) and some disco synth plods around, all while a seriously dark beat supports the song from beneath. Talk about a twisted sound. FYI, if you pre-order Our Love now, you get the whole digital download tomorrow.

Give it a listen below:

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