Counting Crows Release Lyric Video for “Earthquake Driver”

I’m not sure what an earthquake driver is. A quick Google search for enlightenment gave me nothing, aside from some tips on safe driving during an earthquake. (Thank you, Progressive).

Whatever it is, the Counting Crows have released a new lyric video for the single, “Earthquake Driver” off their upcoming release. The video is artfully put together and keeps in line with the fantastic artwork the band has been releasing simultaneously with its singles. The song is really upbeat — its a real car tune — but maybe don’t listen too closely to the lyrics if you don’t want to feel bummed out.

But seriously, from what the Counting Crows have released so far, Somewhere Under Wonderland is going to be a fantastic album. Earlier singles “Palisades Park,” “Scarecrow,” and “God of Ocean Tides” are all lyrically moving and just plain enjoyable to listen to. “Earthquake Driver” continues the pattern. Check out the video below. Somewhere Under Wonderland will be released on September 2.

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One Response to “Counting Crows Release Lyric Video for “Earthquake Driver””

  1. B. Smith says:

    Can’t wait to purchase this album! We are lucky to have a true band like this around, still making quality music. Check out this article I found that hits on that point pretty well: