The Thermals Sign To Saddle Creek, Announce New Album ‘Desperate Ground’

the thermals desperate ground

Unlike The Strokes, who are going to tease out every detail about their comeback/highly anticipated/buzzy new album, The Thermals don’t play coy.

It’s already been a big 2013 for The Thermals. Pitchfork reported that Sub Pop, the first label home to the Portland, OR based group, is repressing and reissuing the band’s first three albums, colored vinyl treatment and everything.

And now this. The group announced today that they have found a new label home on Saddle Creek Records. The boys (and girl!) in The Thermals seem like a natural fit for the midwestern standard-bearer for all things indie and good.

But that’s not the only news out of Camp Therm. The group also revealed the title and release date for their sixth album, Desperate Ground. As you probably guessed, that’s the artwork for Desperate Ground above.

Check out the tracklisting and release info for Desperate Ground after the jump. 

Desperate Ground tracklisting:

1. “Born to Kill”
2. “You Will Be Free”
3. “The Sunset”
4. “I Go Alone”
5. “The Sword By My Side”
6. “You Will Find Me”
7. “Faces Stay With Me”
8. “The Howl of the Winds”
9. “Where I Stand”
10. “Our Love Survives”

Desperate Ground will be released April 16 on Saddle Creek. Pre-order the album here.

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