Eminem Debuts “Rap God”


Now that the hype pushing Nothing Was The Same, Old, and My Name Is My Name has begun to fade it’s all eyes on Marshall Mathers as the world prepares for the latest album from Detroit’s golden child.

Having ridden the hype of “Survival” and “Berzerk” for the better part of two months, Eminem surprised the world this afternoon by debuting his new single “Rap God.” The song is the third to surface off The Marshall Mathers LP2, and as the title alludes, it features the 8 Mile star proving once and for all why he deserves to be placed alongside the great artists in hip-hop history. The beat takes a backseat to the lyrics, which come at you almost as fast as your mind can process what Marshall is laying down, and the results are guaranteed to leave you reaching for the replay button at least a handful of times. You can stream “Rap God” at the end of this post.

“Berzerk” did nothing for me and “Survival” was okay at best, but there is fire in Eminem’s veins as far as “Rap God” is concerned that cannot be denied. He delivers bar after bar of wordplay that will put your favorite emcee to shame, and follows them with even better lines. If this is what we can expect on Marshall Mathers LP 2 considered it an instant contender for album of the year.

Marshall Mathers LP 2 arrives in stores this November. Comment below and let us know if “Rap God” is a fitting title.


James Shotwell

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  • Noname

    Berzerk grew on me as a silly, mindlessly enjoyable song, while Survival disappointed me by being on the album–I had hoped it would be an MP3 download with that Gamespot/Call of Dut bundle.
    But Rap God is great, and Em is now 2/3 with me. I hope MMLP2 has more of this, and less of the Survival (nameless female singer shouting a dull hook) sort; I hope the Skylar and Ri tracks surprise me.
    Anyway, love this song. It sounds like one of his freestyles, which is where he always shined.

  • Joe

    I love this song by Eminem. Wasn’t a huge fan of survival but bezerk also grew on me. Once you get to the 100th listen or something you begin to delve deeper into the wordplay. Rap god is slim shady better than ever. Straight rap, no corny ass shit.

  • Dessie Deratta

    The thing about Em is this; after 13 years and 1,000 hearings MMLP1 is still addictive and intoxicating.

    Ask me to judge this latest output from rap/rock/pop’s greatest genius in 2026 and I’ll rank it in the Eminem songbook.

    100 listens is only an intro…..