Of Machines Post “An Autobiography In Vivid Color Pt. 2 (DEMO)” Despite Troubles With Rise Records

Over the weekend it came to light that post-hardcore favorites, Of Machines, were having some issues with Rise Records which resulted in a new demo being removed from YouTube, much to fans’ dismay. This ultimately resulted in a lot of hate mail sent to Rise apparently which the band then asked fans to put an immediate stop to as to not instigate matters further.

Even as full details and the depth of the situation is currently unclear, the band has gone ahead and reposted the song that was originally removed. “An Autobiography In Vivid Color Pt. 2 (DEMO)” is to be featured on the band’s upcoming release, Chroma Dreamcoat, which again, has very little details known other than the fact that it has been said the be the band’s last release.

At a brief two and a half minutes, the new demo is short but sounds excellent to say the least. Blending their known elements of post-hardcore with lots of clean vocals encapsulated in ambient layers, “An Autobiography In Vivid Color Pt. 2 (DEMO)” gives us an excellent taste of what we can expect on Of Machines’ final effort. Stream the demo after the jump.

We’ve reached out to the band for details regarding the current issues with Rise Records in hopes to clear up some of the ambiguity. We’ll make sure to update you with any new information.

Brian Leak
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One Response to “Of Machines Post “An Autobiography In Vivid Color Pt. 2 (DEMO)” Despite Troubles With Rise Records”

  1. Steve Carley says:

    glad one of my favorites is the only band around that doesn’t change their sound for the worse through new albums. thank you #based god.