Our brothers in NEMES have just finsihed recording two new songs. We are premiering one of the new tracks below. It’s entitled, “Pipe Song,” and it’s catchy like the common cold. Below the stream is our review of the new material. Have an awesome day and good luck trying to get this song out of your head!


Band: Nemes
Album: 2 New Songs
Genre: Pop Punk/Folk

1. Pipe Song
2. Sheep Sheep

Usually I have a good idea of how the customary musical arrangements will pan out but on these two tracks by Nemes I was caught by surprise and keen interest. The band, relatively new to the scene, and probably familiar to the underground has put the listener in an awkward situation. “Should I like this music because there is a violin in the mix?” I say absolutely!! This new sound totally caught me off guard at first but once I listened to it about three times I finally figured it out. It has a punk rock blast of Saves the Day aggressively entangled with an alternative sounding Yellowcard-ish violin accompaniment.

The first track entitled “Pipe Song” is an easy listening song. It has a folk-pop sounding introduction that leads in to an alternative melody. The vibe from the song is very So-Cal punk but these guys are from Worcester, Massachusetts. The vocals are very calming and Dave Anthony and Josh Knowles complement each other exceptionally well.

The next, and last song, “Sheep Sheep” is hands-down my favorite out of these two songs. I have never, in my life, heard a breakdown like the one on this song but when I heard it I said to myself, “This is some hardcore violin action that also has a intense solo!” This song provides screaming as well as classic punk rock tenacity fused with a violin for good measure. It shows the versatility of the band to incorporate a violin with heavy breakdowns.

Look out for these guys in the future because they WILL be heard.

*Written By: Grant Trimboli*
Grade: 8.5/10

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  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for the kind words, I love you Grant!