Chris Jane – Watching The Leaves Go By

Band: Chris Jane
Title: Watching The Leaves Go By
Genre: Christian/Folk Rock
Label: Let It Flow Records

1. I’m Grateful
2. What Is Good
3. Now I Know
4. I’m Glad You Came
5. Heaven Came Down
6. Thank You Jesus
7. Watching the Leaves Go By
8. So I Can Stay With You
9. Who I’ve Always Been
10. I Wondered

Being presented with a Christian album to review is some what of a daunting task. The Christian music I’ve known all resembles something like Michael W. Smith’s “Awesome God,” and, to say the least, isn’t a particular favorite for me. Thankfully, Chris Jane brings a new flavor to the table with Watching the Leaves Go By. Jane, who created Let It Flow Records, wants the world to hear his message through music, and this album is a great start in doing so.

Watching the Leaves Go By opens with “I’m Grateful,” which is one of my favorites off Jane’s album. Its simple finger plucking of an acoustic guitar and soothing vocals is so relaxing that it clears your mind enough so you can actually think about what you are grateful for. My favorite part of the track happens seven seconds after the two minute mark where the guitar echoes; it’s whimsical, and fantastic. It’s definitely a good choice for the first song on the album.

Track three, “Now I Know,” reminds me of James Taylor. From the guitar down to the vocals, a hint of Taylor’s sound seeps through. Sound similar to James Taylor isn’t a bad thing because it suites Jane. This track is also a spiritual journey. It all starts with someone traveling down the wrong path and shunning the Lord’s help, but eventually seeing there is a better path to follow and if one continues that journey down the right path, they surely will know where their place is with God.
The seventh track, “Watching the Leaves Go By,” continues with the same whimsical guitar picking and echo that I liked so much in the first track. However, I felt like there was something missing with this song, or that it needed a little something extra to be complete. A possible overlap of a second guitar might make the song fuller and well-rounded. With a second guitar, the power of the guitar will match that of Jane’s vocals; then it would be complete.

“I Wondered,” the very last track on Jane’s album is a good end to the album, but needs a bit more punch vocally around the chorus. The guitar is overpowering around the chorus and an increase the volume of the vocals would even it out and create a perfect ending to the album.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album. I think the fact that everything is so simple about it, but complex at the same time makes it so. It allows you to relax and free yourself whilst digging deeper and getting to know more about yourself and connect with God more. To steal a line from Chirs Jane’s website, he “delivers a pure acoustic sound with no gimmicks or frills, just a guitar, and a voice with a message.” Sometimes that all people need, and thankfully there’s someone that can deliver it.

*Written By: Kelsey Fales*
Grade: 8/10

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  1. Melissa says:

    Nice review! I love this album. The more I listen to it the more I like it!