Live Report: And Hell Followed With – Van Benefit Show

And Hell Followed With
Once We Were Buried
The Yellow Sign
Rise Of Aeolus

Alright so after Local favorite And Hell Followed With returned from a long tour they realized they need to purchase a better van to haul their stuff. Their homecoming show was to raise money to purchase a van. It was in a local banquette hall in White, Lake Michigan. It was a very small venue but the turnout was pretty good. There was a ton of people packed into the room, and room that started off cold as the winter air quickly warmed up with mosh pits and death metal.

Rise Of Aeolus: This was my first time seeing these guys. Their stuff was actually quite good and they sounded pretty decent live. Their screamer was pretty good and the drummer did a lot with a very basic drum kit.

Leviathan: I have seen this band multiple times, they are pretty decent live, with vocals sounding kind of like whitechapel they put on a powerful show. One thing that never fails Mike Rice (Bass) broke his strap as soon as the band started playing. They had a pretty good set and people started getting warmed up and moved.

Abadox: I actually missed these guys, but when I have seen them live they haven’t been anything worth sticking around for.

xBodycountx: Unfortunately I came back just after the Abadox set and had to suffer through these guys. They absolutely suck in every way…its a wonder how they got a show, it didn’t fit with any of the other bands styles, plus to top it off their vocalist was a total douchebag who went as far as hitting woman on the sides of the pits on purpose.

The Yellow Sign: These guys are absolutely talented. They mildly remind me of Job For A Cowboy due to an extremely talented range on vocals. The drummer in this band is probley the best drummer I have seen live. He was absolutely out of control and has a very unique style. They played one hell of a set and really got a lot of crowd participation. They are fantastic preforming live, they move more then any other band that I have seen.

Once We Were Buried: OWWB was actually the best band in my opinion at this show. The put on an incredible performance. Their vocalist goes all out and throws everything he has out onto the table. These guys really got the pits moving. They had really heavy technical riffs that anyone can appreciate.

And Hell Followed With: Alright so I have seen these guys countless time and every single time I do they are better then before. This is actually the first show they have played back in Michigan so they are the reason I went out of my way to go to this show. They always put on a great show and probley have the most crowd participation I have experienced from a local band. These guys have technical riffs, thundering drums and versatile vocals that just blow me away. They sound outstanding live.

All around this was a pretty good show and was definitely worth seeing most of these bands…with a certain 2 exceptions.

Written By: Danny Weiss

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  1. daniel says:

    I was at this show too and i agree with Danny. The whole show in itself was brutal with the 2 exceptions of abadox and xbodycountx. I actually went to the market after seeing those guys play and ran into the bass player from AHFW. He (ryan) also told me that it was his last show with the band.