Wu-Tang Clan on deck! New albums and exclusive Ghostface


It’s seems like it has been a LONG time since we’ve seen all the Wu-Tang members put projects in motion. Its exciting to see that WTC is laying down all these tracks for us recession-hit hip-hop listeners when clearly they don’t need our money. But enough of my rant, I have a lot to cover so lets get into it.


Method man, after just dropping Blackout 2 with Redman, has his next solo project on deck for us all ready to come out in the next few months. I haven’t heard which producers are strumming out the beats or what the features are, but you can bet on someone who is popular right now getting on the project…because…well thats how Meth has been airing his last couple of albums out. His next project is called Crystal Meth and should be a much needed album for the WTC fans out there.


It almost seems TOO good to be true, doesn’t it? Not only did we just get Blackout 2, which hit stores today, but now we get solo albums from both Red and Meth. Reggie Noble “0” 9 1/2 is set to be the title of Funk Doc’s newest solo effort and hopefully it lives up to its name and gets a review rating of a 9 1/2. Look out for that!


This little nugget just slid across my desk at the UTG office. Chamber Music just posted up this little .jpeg talking about the new Wu-Tang Clan album that is going to hit stores June 30th of this year. Hopefully if everything goes well it won’t get pushed back and we’ll get to bump to six new and different Wu-Tang albums this summer. This album looks legit because Chamber Music is claiming that WTC is releasing a full length album with no extras, throw away tracks, or b-sides. CHEA!! Did I forget to mention that all eight of the nine original members are going to be on the album as well (RIP Ol’ Dirty Bastard)?. What is not to like about this? Expecially when RZA is executive producing the joint.

Also be on the look out for Masta Killa’s next solo project…I’ve only heard rumors about it but I heard underground producer P.F. Cuttin’ is producing every track for the album. Hopefully it turns out to be legit and we see it in stores. I loved the stuff he had on Masta Killa’s Made In Brooklyn album that dropped in ’06. MK just did a appearance on some NYC news channel talking about the PETA movement and at the beginning of the segment we get a 20 second snippet of Killa in the booth recording a new track…better be on the project!

Now to some of the biggest news:

I have here for you today, what is rumored as, an exclusive track from Ghostface Killah’s new album that is set to come out. From the sounds of the track it sounds like the album will be mostly commercial influenced. This track features Ron Browz (I can’t stand this guy) and the track has a Pharrell Williams/Snoop Dogg feel to it, if you know what I mean…peep it and keep your eyes open for all these new Wu-Tang Clan projects set to get released in 2009.

Ghostface Killah – She’s A Killer (featuring Ron Browz): http://www.zshare.net/audio/602476936697b73f/

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