Various Artist – Warped Tour Compilation 2009

cover9-300x300Artist: Various
Album: Warped Tour Compilation [2009]
Genre: Compilation
Label: Side One Dummy

Album: Warped Tour Compilation 2009

It is indeed that time of year again, Vans: Warped Tour Season! All the kids aching to get out in the sun, stretch their legs and rock out to the upcoming and established acts of today.

I remember last year’s Warped as if it were yesterday. Seeing As I Lay Dying rip up the stage as well as local phenoms Chiodos, bro-core hard-hitters A Day To Remember, So-Cal legends Pennywise and everyone in between. Truly a fulfilling experience. Warped Tour is definitely an event that I look forward to every year and not once have I been disappointed. Since you have a feel for who I saw last year I will let you in on some of the other bands that impressed me this time around on the 2009 ballot.

To kick things off, in no particular order, A Skylit Drive is back with their most dignified piece of work to date. Their featured track “Eva the Carrier” is exceedingly energetic with their classic chugging guitars, brutal screams and larger than life chorus displays. This track is just an appetizer of the delicious full course entre (of songs) to come from their new album Adelphia. The album is THAT GOOD! Next up are my all time favorites from Maryland, All Time Low. I can speak personally for all the ATL fans out there when I say I can’t wait for Nothing Personal to hit stores. “Weightless”, their first single of the record, is just as catchy and fun to listen to as “Dear Maria” with signature breakdowns. Their lyrics display a more confident, optimistic and in-your-face alternative sound from when So Wrong, It’s Right came out in late 2007.

The next song that caught me off guard (in a good way) was Meg and Dia’s “I’m Going Away”. I have never had a casual listen to them but after hearing this song I understand all the hype. It takes me back to The Hush Sound with a summer vibe to it. Displaying refreshing and laid back guitar parts mixed with Meg and Dia’s soothing voices make this track a true win. Two other songs that I enjoyed were “America Underwater” by LoveHateHero and There for Tomorrow’s “A Little Faster”. Both of these songs are my official surprise tracks of the cd. I felt as if these groups needed a “Next Big Single” this time around to gain a larger following. Both achieve this. These tracks go above and beyond providing incredible range vocally as well as remarkable musicianship. Two great songs coming up from bands that are just about to make a huge scene at this years tour.

Breaking out of the specific song trend here are a couple acts you should be checking out at the actual show. They include The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, The Bouncing Souls and Escape the Fate. Every single band I just mentioned is necessary to check out if you enjoy a band that has tremendous stage presence and consistency. These acts all have their own style that makes them unique and draws enormous crowds everywhere they go. I personally enjoy the constant style changes of The Bouncing Souls, going from punk one minute to country music to hardcore the next. It never gets old.

Keep in mind that there are 50 tracks on this monstrous compilation. Every track is not going to be to your liking but the upside is there are plenty of tracks to find your sweet spot. Who knows, you might even come out of listening to it with a new favorite band or a rekindled love affair from the past. Only time will tell for sure so go check out and buy this awesome assemblage of tunes from the Vans Warped Tour 2009 album.

Get ready for the vans to be rolling through a town near you very soon!

Written by Grant Trimboli


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  1. DeAnnaBanana says:

    I hate you. You didn’t even mention Thursday:[[

    What’s weird is that Thursday is not going to be at WT, but they are on the compilation…I didn’t know that could happen haha.

  2. (UTG) Grant says:

    seriously, that is weird, i dont exactly know about that situation either.

    but i was thinkin of u when i wrote it cause i was like, “i wonder if deanna will read this and get upset that thursday’s not in here” hahaha

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