RUMOR: Eddie Hermida from All Shall Perish Is The New Vocalist For Suicide Silence

This is probably the biggest story that is going to hit the metal world today. If you were planning on making a minor announcement of some kind, you may want to consider waiting until tomorrow because hard rock fans are going to be discussing this one for awhile.

When Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker suddenly passed away less than a year ago, many wondered if the remaining members of the band would continue on in his absence. At the time, the group did not know what they would do, but in the weeks following Lucker’s death they did reform for a single benefit performance that featured a slew of hard rock frontman filling in for their fallen comrade. Afterwards, they again were silent.

Now, according to a post on Lambgoat made after receiving several ‘reliable’ tips, rumors are spreading that vocalist Eddie Hermida from All Shall Perish has been selected as the new frontman of Suicide Silence. Previously, it was rumored that former Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover was to be their new vocalist, but that apparently is no longer the case. No further information, even a confirmation, is available at this time.

While we wait to find out if there is any truth to this rumor, it’s worth noting that All Shall Perish and Suicide Silence have been close for a number of years. Hermida was even one of the performers recruited for the Lucker benefit show, and at the end of this post you can watch a fan shot video of him performing “Slaves To Substance” with the rest of the band.

Do you think Eddie Hermida is a good fit for Suicide Silence? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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10 Responses to “RUMOR: Eddie Hermida from All Shall Perish Is The New Vocalist For Suicide Silence”

  1. George Jeff Stephens says:

    He fits so fucking well

  2. Alicia Bowen says:

    “When Mitch suddenly passed over a year ago” it hasn’t even been a year. Its been 11 months. Seriously.

  3. jake hagemann says:

    they choose a guy that dosent even sound like mitch they should have did what suffocate did and found someone who sounds almost identical in screams to there former screamer what a huge disappointment to happen

  4. Kriston McConnell says:

    Thanks for the catch! We updated it.

  5. Simon DeLuca says:

    Are you retarded it says LESS than a year ago!!!!! Fucking stupid you illiterate retard!!!!!

  6. Derek - UTG Review says:

    Some bands don’t like trying to replicate old singers, because they’ll always hear the “You can’t recreate ____” nor do they want to.

  7. Gordon Adam says:

    I don’t care if he fits, which he does, I DON’T WANT HIM TO LEAVE ALL SHALL PERISH!!!!

  8. Alicia Bowen says:

    Excuse yourself from this conversation because you obviously can’t read the other comment on here saying that they updated it you ignorant douche canoe. Go shove a cactus in your eye.

  9. Kelsey Dickson says:

    I think Eddie is good, but I don’t think he is right for the band. I’m sorry but i don’t think it sounds right. it could be that i’m used to Mitch, but my little sister and my friends agree that he is a good musician but he isn’t for suicide silence. He just doesn’t fit. agree or don’t i really don’t care. But they could have found a better front man. I’m disappointed to be honest.

  10. Adolfo Socorro says:

    Thank you. He should not leave all shall perish, not only that, he is one amazing vocalist and fits so well with ASP