Hellogoodbye Stream New Album

Back in 2010, nobody expected Hellogoodbye, then known as purveyors of cutesy pop hits like “Here (In Your Arms),” to radically shift their style and turn out a folk-tinged pop masterpiece in the process, but that is exactly what they did. Three years after Would It Kill You? cemented Hellogoodbye as versatile and talented – not to mention serious – musicians, they have returned with the follow-up, Everything Is Debatable, which you can check out, along with a cool video slideshow, after the break.

With the new record comes another big change in sound for Forrest Kline and company. The synthesizers that dominated their early work are back, albeit in a much more tasteful manner, forming layered, bouncy pop tunes that are at times starkly contrast with the organic feel of Would It Kill You?. Fortunately, one thing that has stayed consistent is Kline’s excellent voice and sense of melody.

Check it out for yourself, and let us know what you think.

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3 Responses to “Hellogoodbye Stream New Album”

  1. Brian Lion says:

    Would It Kill You? is wildly underrated. It’s a folk-pop masterpiece.

  2. Brian Lion says:

    Which is basically what you said haha,

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