HURRY: Flying Lotus’ New Album ‘You’re Dead!’ Streaming for 24 Hours With Special Film

Flying Lotus‘ new album, You’re Dead!, is out October 7 via Warp, and we’ve been getting psyched about it for weeks. To celebrate the upcoming release, the electronic musician and producer is teaming up with the Boiler Room to stream the album before its release. As part of a special promotion, the stream will be accompanied by a special film for the next 24 hours — and 24 hours only.

Flying Lotus has already shared excellent singles “Moment of Hesitation,” “Coronus, the Terminator,” and “Never Catch Me” (which just got a music video), but the songs take on a whole new depth with the accompanying film, Psychedelic Death Trip, directed by Xavier Magot. Considering Flying Lotus is known to pair his songs with enhancing visual accompaniments, it’s not to be missed. Head over to Flying Lotus’ website to stream You’re Dead! in its entirety.

Head here to watch the film alongside the album stream.

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