Rachel Taylor Returns to He Is We

rachel Taylor

Is it over yet?

It’s been a crazy year for He Is We and all of the parties involved. So, let’s catch up.

First, vocalist Rachel Taylor pulled herself from the road due to illness. She was replaced by new live singer Stevie Scott. Then Rachel decided that it might be necessary to take legal action to preserve her role in her band. Then she left. Stevie took the full time gig, replacing Rachel.

That last update was two months ago.

Now, it appears that Rachel Taylor is again taking the lead of He Is We. She will be writing, singing, and touring for the band as they move forward. What will happen with guitarist and co-founding member Trevor Kelly is still unsure. As of now, it looks like he will not be involved. All of this was explained in a video update from Rachel via her bedroom.

[youtube http://youtu.be/eRJu-kZBu5c]

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