Kurious gears up for second studio release


Kurious Jorge of Amalgram Digital, the same record label pumping out Joe Budden’s joints, is next on deck for underground hip-hop with his second album entitled II that is set to be released June 30th. The album was originally set to be released on May 5th for the celebration of Cinco de Mayo and Jorge’s Spanish roots.


The man we know today as Kurious first stepped to the hip-hop scene in 1991 when he debuted on Powerule’s Young Stars From Nowhere. In 1994 he gave us his first solo album that was pushed out by Columbia entitled A Constipated Monkey. He is currently a member of the group Monsta Island Czars, which is a group that has mild fame because MF Doom has been laying beats for them.


What I have for you today is Kurious’ low budget music video for his first single, “Benetton,” which features MC Serch and MF Doom. I love the beat and it is always a blessing to hear the knowledge that MC Serch has to deliver to us…not to mention Doom’s goofy ass is in there walking around with his potbelly—you gotta love it!


Remember to pick up Kurious Jorge’s album II off of Amalgram Digital on June 30th and expect an album review shortly after that.


Kurious – Benetton (featuring MC Serch & MF Doom)

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