We Interviewed Emery’s Dave Powell!

Today we were lucky enough to speak with Dave Powell of Christian Rockers Emery. Their new record drops JUNE 2nd and we HIGHLY suggest you go get it.


UTG:Hey, how’s it going?

Emery: good man. Just finished up shooting some hoops.

UTG: Now, we know you’re preparing to release a new album and we’re going to talk about it a lot here, so why don’t you go ahead and get a plug for it in right here:

Emery: The name of the new record is called In Shallow Seas We Sail and comes out June 2nd.

UTG: Now, when you recorded the last record, you changed things up and had a real organic experience writing and creating the album in a house you all lived in and everything. Was that approach applied to this record?

Emery: We kind of did this one a little more loosely. We had parts ready to go and then got together and cut/pasted everypone’s together. It was pretty simple actually.

UTG:When you sit down to write your fourth full length album, are there any new tactics? Or do you just stick to the same writing style and format you’ve always used?

Emery: I’m Only A Man had us trying a lot of new things, but I don’t think it went over well with fans. For this one, we knew what fans wanted to hear and so we tried to make something new, yet give that old sound. There were no rules, but we had a focus.

UTG: Now, without giving too much away, In Shallow Seas We Sail sounds a lot different from I’m Only A Man. In fact, I’ve heard some people speak of it as a return to form. Would you agree?

Emery: We are trying to just give the fans what they want. They love the first two records a lot and then the last one had a smaller fans. When we were writing we thought about doing something for the fans who’ve supported us even if they didn’t like the old record. It was also fun to go back to that old style. It’s been three years and it’s fun to return.

UTG: Well what do you hope people take away from this record that maybe we haven’t heard from Emery before?

Emery: As far as songs, it’s more on an individual basis. Toby and Devon write lyrics more on a personal basis for them, but as for the record as a whole, i don’t know, the record is us getting back to our roots and I hope people see how thankful we are for their support.

UTG: I’m Only a Man is getting a lot of negative attention in this interview, how do you guys feel about the record?

Emery: We like it a lot. I mean,that’s more the thing we listen to, but i mean, if the fans don’t like it, it would be weird to push it. It’s a bit rougher and just fit a time in our lives so well.

UTG: I’m guessing, with the record about to come out, you guys have some large touring plans. Anything you can share?

Emery: The Zumiez tour is starting soon. It’s on the weekends in mall parking lots. We do that until July and then we have a headlining tour with Maylene and the sons of Disaster in July. I have a baby due in September and Toby’s wife is due in October, so we’ll need some time off. Then it’s back to the road.

UTG: We don’t do final questions, just soapbox moments for you. What’s been on your mind?

Emery: I am really concerned with the Colts this year. Marvin Harrison is gone and we let two assistant coaches go. It’s been weighing on my mind a lot. haha.

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  1. Maritza says:

    Great interview, James! I am a huge fan of these guys and can’t wait to listen to the new album. It’s one of those summer albums that I know I’ll be listening to for many, many consecutive months.