Ronnie Radke Assault Trial Rescheduled


First, Falling in Reverse singer Ronnie Radke was arrested for domestic assault. Then he pushed it aside and showed his optimistic side on Twitter. After a police officer gave some details on the case, we discovered that the entertainer was charged with “Corporal Injury to Spouse” and “False Imprisonment.”

The original court date for this was August 14. After missing that date, it was pushed to the 27. Then, instead of appearing at his court date, he announced a tour. Another new date has since been set. The pre-trial will now begin on September 11, jury date still pending.

We have our doubts that Ronnie will miss this one, considering that any further delays will coincide with his Fall Tour (which is obviously more important to him).

No statement has been made by Epitaph records who also employs the victim of the alleged assault, Sally Watts and I find this strange. An assault charge is a serious thing, but when a case involves one of your biggest cash cows as well as one of your accountants, I have to question your stance. Certainly the well being of any company’s employees should be paramount to keeping a violent person out of prison. While they can’t control that outcome, they can certainly comment on it and bring a little light to the situation. Ignoring a victim is a crime in itself, if only a moral one (pshh… morals).

We have reached out to Epitaph records as well as Fly South Management and have received no reply from either party.

Jacob Tender

Jacob is a freelance writer who calls home. He is also the co-host of the Bantha Fodder podcast and helps UTG with technical and financial nonsense.
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  • Ashley

    I am so happy that someone is actually reporting correctly on this issue. It is nice to see Ronnie’s real intentions called out and his lack of accountability as well. If his “fans” widen up they will see that Sally isn’t after anything, yet Ronnie is running away. I also, like you, find it ironic that a label is directly showing their interest in their cash cow instead of taking this matter seriously and taking care of their employee. This guy is the biggest douche bag ever. He must like jail. Thank you for your writing.

  • Thanks for writing back Ashley! Mr. Radke will get his in the end, I’m sure.

  • cat

    jesus if he wanted to hurt a girl he could hes buff as balls. ergo if shes breathing shes fine dont be a baby just because u lost him lady…

  • Inspiration

    Ronnie Radke is my inspiration, sadly to say. He may not be the most virtuous person in the world. But he is very talented. I am very grateful for Ronnie Radke, he’s taught me a few things just off of listening to his music. But what goes around comes around I suppose. Whatever, Good girls like bad guys. <—

  • Inspiration

    He’s not that “Buff”. It’s wrong to hit a lady, no matter how badly they irritate you, it’s not her loss, it’s both of their’s.

  • sexyguido69

    bitch is a fucking slut liar